Monday, January 6, 2014

365 Project: Week 50, 51 & 52

Well guys.... it is the end of 2013 and the end of the 365 project for me. I have done this for 2 years  and it has been great and made me  really look at my surrounding, my daily actions and been akin to a daily mediation but in the last part of this year is has become somewhat of a chore or a obligation instead of something I look forward to. So... I am finishing up the year and then moving all of my picture taking to Instagram (which I already use and love) so come find me there (

Here are the last three weeks of 2013 .... they were pretty good weeks.
December 8
Christmas Sparkles! 

 December 9
A cold, still, beautiful sunrise and a somewhat precarious walk to work

December 10
To paraphrase Richard Brautigan ... yesterday's snow is today's mud.
I fell down on the ice and was not feeling too good about my walk home that day.

December 11
One needs to take in all of the Christmas love, light and gaudiness while they can.

December 12
I was scrabbling to finish up all of the crafting I needed for a fair the next day while trying to stay warm under a blanket when these to love-bugs decided I needed a double cuddle... they were right.

December 13
This is such a terrible picture but was such a tasty beer. 

December 14
Downtown Tulsa at night!  I had a booth in the Indie Emporium craft market Friday and Saturday and all of downtown was lit up and lively as we were packing up the car. I had a very good weekend. And Tulsa is doing a great job of revitalizing their downtown.

December 15
Home. Burritos. Things I like. 
(Happy Birthday, Bree. You are the best sister for me)

 December 16
A gigantic moon rising. 
December 17
There is nothing like a box.

 December 18
There is nothing like burrowing under the covers

 December 19
Swapped a haircut for fancy, holiday nails. I wish I could live only on the barter system.

 December 20
A storm was rapidly approaching.

 December 21
I have gone to two 8 year olds roller skating birthday parties this year and it made me realize there should be an adult skate time at every roller rink. I have no desire to do Roller Derby but I would happily pay to skate for a couple of hours every week. 

 December 22
The ice storm moved in Friday night... NONE of it had thawed even two days later. Ice is beautiful but so damaging. Luckily our trees have bounced back better than I expected. 

December 23
These little poached pears are by far the fanciest desert I have ever made! I am going to have to step up my game next year for the Lauren and Jerod private Christmas (Jerod cooks dinner, I fix desert, we open presents...I love it)

December 24
My three sweet "Gerfen" nieces waiting patiently to open presents. The adults were taking too long finishing up dinner. 

December 25
I hope everyone's day was filled with warmth and cheer. 
If you look closely you can see me reflected in the silver ball... that was an accident.

 December 26
Putting the Christmas tree away is so much less fun than the initial decorating. 

 December 27
This sweet friend came over to meet us for the first time.

 December 28
There was some serious lego-ing happening. 
I was very glad to be at my parents house having a late Christmas.
These guys crack me up.
December 29
There was also some serious pretty pony playing going on.
She cracks me up too.

December 30
A great, little hike with my sister, her kids, and my Mom (shadow not pictured)

December 31
Home again.

Love and Peace to all in the new year.

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  1. I will miss your blog. I always looked forward to seeing the world through your eyes. I will definitely become an Instagram follower!! Mom